Stainless Steel Trocar Kit [Disposable]

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3.5 mm kits are currently out of stock.


3.5 or 5 mm  (Same pricing)
Single Unit: $25.00
Case of 20: $460 ($23.00/ea)

    Our disposable Trocar Kit is made of high quality steel with a stainless steel finish. Available in 3.5mm for Pellets under 100mg or 5mm for Pellets over 100mg, our disposable steel trocars put patient comfort first while giving the practitioner an opportunity to perform safer procedures and save money.

    This kit offers improved precision with insertion and higher durability over plastic. You will not only save money, but you will expedite the procedure process. Finally eliminate the need for an autoclave and remove the concern of improper use.

    Evaluate what you currently spend [including employee wages] on cleaning and autoclaving, turn-around time, procedure delay, and ancillary product purchases. You will see that our Trocar Kit is ultimately a very economical choice.

    Our High Quality Disposable Stainless Steel Finish Trocar Kit comes hermetically sealed with all of the items needed to perform the pellet procedure:

    • 3-piece Disposable Trocar
    • Scalpel with a #11 blade
    • 12cc Syringe w/ 21-Gauge Needle
    • Pair of Sterile Nitrile Gloves
    • Pair of Sterile Pellet Tweezers
    • Alcohol Wipe and Betadine Swabs
    • Sterile Disposable Fenestrated Drape
    • Sterile Gauze
    • Sterile Strips

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