Implant Technology


The Implant Technology Research & Development team is dedicated to providing progressive formulations to ensure the finest quality, consistent products in pharmaceutical implant technology. Our trade secrets have allowed us to design and test products that exceed dissolution expectations. Yielding less drug usage over time, fewer pellet insertions in some patients, and increased patient compliance.

With an eye on the future, Implant Technology aspires to provide leading innovative patient care solutions. Our efforts are strongly focused on the research of new product formulations, devices and protocols identifying better patient outcomes in markets such as drug addiction, fertility, cardiovascular disease and hormone replacement therapy.


Our custom made implant pellet process specifies compliance practices to USP-797 and ISO-Class 5 clean room regulations, exceeding the standards required for sterilization and quality.

Our resources provide for non-bias testing from independently registered FDA testing labs to promise sterility and potency with each and every batch made available using our custom, cloud-based CRM application.

All batches must go through dissolution test associated with day-to-day validation testing on any device that may affect the sterility of the final product. Also 3rd party testing for an analytical testing facility is required at different intervals, to validate the process.

A standard operating procedure has been developed and is implemented by our Compliance Department to ensure that the Implant Technology Licensees adopt the full process as part of their internal QA/QC.


Implant Technology is supported by a highly regarded team of medical experts. Our Medical Quality Board is comprised of a diverse group of medical professionals: Pharmacologists, Anatomist, Physicians, Pharmacists, Agriculturalists, Microbiologists and others.

The purpose of our Medical Quality Board is to provide insight regarding the constantly evolving medical industry and the best practices for achieving revolutionary patient outcomes. Through the means of medical research and development, improved regulation modalities, integrative medicine solutions, testing and analytics, technology innovations and new visionary systems, Implant Technology will meet and exceed the needs of our clients and patients.

Power On

The pellet implant technology system presented to you is designed to allow you to easily dive into this dynamic process, allowing you the opportunity to improve patient care, as well as your financial goals. The plan is customizable to fit with your current business practices, giving you the opportunity for an additional revenue stream, greater patient population, and new market access. Align your practice with Implant Technology and discover a new world of opportunities in outcome-based medicine.